About Us

Al Maqasid Supply & Services was established in 2016 in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, after the acquisition of the operations of a significant oil field supply and services business in the Eastern Province.

It has since positioned itself as the partner of choice for Saudi oil companies by exclusively supplying a comprehensive range of products and specialized technical services.

We believe that safe, seamless access to energy is the key to progress and so we use our expertise to empower our clients to operate in the most efficient ways, tailored to their specific needs. The services we offer include shutdown maintenance (T&I), oil tank & reservoir cleaning, hydraulic torquing and tensioning of bolts, rental and repair of equipment, pipe cleaning, hydrostatic testing of pipes, heat exchanger tube sealing, engineering design and installation of electrical/steam heat tracing & instrument tubing bundles, and, however, we are always looking to expand further for the increased benefit of our clients.

Al Maqasid is committed to seeking out Saudi talent and providing them with opportunities for continuous education and training, which is why we today boast of a highly experienced, professional team of specialists who drive our company. Together we seek out to innovate and lead the industry forward. 

We listen to our partners and clients and seek out solutions that will help them overcome their challenges, constantly honing our approach and staying at the cutting-edge of technology. Our commitment is to our clients, but also our broader community and environment, and so we emphasize sustainability, health and safety in all of our methods. Our approach has earned us loyalty and trust of many reputable companies such as Saudi Aramco, SASREF, Qatar Petroleum, Tasnee, Dialog, Al Barrak & Sons, Bin Samer Contracting, and more.

Our Vision

To be recognized as one of the leaders in the Middle East oil & gas industry, and continue paving the way to improved oil field services by introducing innovative, environmentally-friendly technologies.

Our Mission

To protect and revive our environment, and raise the standard for quality, health and safety while delivering the best products and services to our growing clientele which will successfully further their business objectives.

Core Values

The safety of our staff, partners and the broader community is our priority in every operation

We are committed to act responsibly and maintain transparent and honest communication

We believe in protecting and reviving our environment by constantly improving our technology

Our continuous goal is to meaningfully contribute to the advancement of our society

We treat all of our partners, clients and employees with the utmost respect and seek out to build relationships

We don’t believe in shortcuts and hold our products and services to the highest global standards

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