Environment & Engineering Services

Environmental & Engineering Services

At Al Maqasid, we provide unrivalled engineering support and services to our clients, using our expertise to maximize their efficiency. Our focus on environmental innovation enables us to improve on existing practices and provide solutions that reduce environmental impact.

This approach has positioned us as regional leaders in environmental and engineering service innovation, winning us recognitions such as:
  • Established Environmental Management System according to BS EN ISO14001:2004
  • Appreciation letter from Saudi Aramco (VI# 10013232) for slop oil tank desludging and tank cleaning
  • Appreciation letter from SASREF (VI# 100929) for crude oil tank desludging and tank cleaning
  • Appreciation letter from SASREF for HFO oil tank desludging and tank cleaning

Tank, Pond & Reservoir Desludging
& Cleaning Services

We are proud to introduce the technology of MegaMacs, which we use to conduct Tank, Pond & Reservoir Desludging & Cleaning services in a more effective, safer, budget- and environment-friendly way.

Service includes:

  • Cleaning and processing sludge of oil vessels, reservoirs and other hydrocarbon-holding tanks
  • Providing comprehensive solutions for hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon-contaminated material treatment in tanks
  • Cleaning various petrochemical holding tanks and reservoirs
  • Extracting sludge, preliminary separation of sludge, and cleaning the tanks to the level of readiness for any repairs

Some advantages of MegaMacs:

  • Safety of operations
  • Reduction of oil-waste quantity up to 10 times
  • Reduced cost of cleaning per cubic meter
  • Improved tank turn-over through faster cleaning
  • Reduction of environmental impact
  • Reduction of the transportation of hazardous material
  • Energy independent
  • Reduction of disposable toxic disposal up to 10 times
  • Oil recovery as a sellable byproduct (up  o 97.5% of oil in the sludge can be recovered)
  • No electrical devices needed to maximize safety
  • Improved working conditions
  • Better cleaning quality
  • High cleaning speed up to 3-4 times faster than other systems
  • Practically no preparation and construction cost
  • Utilities on site not required
  • No lifting equipment required for equipment mobilization/demobilization
  • No tank alterations
  • • Outstanding flexibility of applications

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