Industrial & Technical Services

Industrial & Technical Services

Al Maqasid is among the leading industrial and technical service providers to oil & gas industries in the Middle East. We have a long experience working with refinery facilities and petrochemical sites and power plants, ranging from Tanks’ Mechanical Maintenance and Repairs of Plants Shutdown to Tanks’ Bolt Tightening Services for Plants Shutdown and Commissioning.  We are currently expanding into Instrumentation Services as well.

As a testament to our expertise, commitment to safety, and quality of our services, we boast of numerous awards and certifications, including:
  • Certified Quality Management System by BS EN ISO9001:2015
  • Established Health & Safety Management System according to ISO 45001
  • Environmental – 14001
  • Aramco’s Appreciation Letter for Best Contractor Onsite for safety standard in Saudi Aramco’s Qurayyah’s tank maintenance and repair service
  • Best Safety Officer award for our HSE officer by Aramco Qurayyah plant’s tanks maintenance and repair services
  • Certificate of Appreciation for excellent safety and work performance in Aramco’s Qurrayah SWID facilities during 1st and 2nd quarter of 2020
  • Certificate of appreciation for safely completion of the major T&I of module #09 at Qurrayah Sea Water Plant (QSWP)

Tanks’ Mechanical Maintenance and Repairs
of Plants Shutdown

Companies that run manufacturing processes and industrial plants in the oil & gas industry recognize the necessity of maintenance of their equipment and tanks, as well as the necessity of scheduled process outage and plant shutdowns. A plant shutdown for maintenance work can be the priciest and most time-consuming stage in the maintenance programme. We provide our clients with some of the most experienced technicians and specialists who can successfully manage any type of tank maintenance or plant shutdown work while minimizing the expenses and duration of the process.

Service includes:

  • Tank and plant modification/revamp 
  • Static and rotary equipment maintenance
  • Pre-fabrication, installation, testing, erection and commissioning of tank pipes
  • Tank’s pipeline repair and modification
  • Tank’s pipe support, structural fabrication and installation
  • Removal and installation of internal parts of tanks and vessels 
  • Cutting, welding and modification of internal parts of tanks and vessels
  • Weld repair of shell, nozzles, support rings and internals of tanks and vessels
  • Tank repair services (shell, internal and roof repairs)
  • Tank’s piping pressure testing (hydro-testing), flange weld testing and similar
  • Tank’s pumps and piping installation and tie-in works
  • Plant modification/revamp

Tanks’ Bolt Tightening Services for
Plants Shutdown and Commissioning

Bolting services ensure the integrity of bolting joints in pipe flanges, pressure vessels and tanks, heat exchangers and other equipment flanges, equipment anchor bolts, machinery and heavy structures. Al Maqasid Technical Services consist of exceptionally trained professional engineers and technicians using an array of some of the most innovative equipment on the market to provide our clients with unparalleled bolting services.

Service includes:

  • Hydraulic Bolt Torquing:
    • Hydraulic torque wrenches are used to apply higher torque values, operated by air-driven hydraulic torque pumps
    • Square drive hydraulic torque wrenches are used with hexagonal heavy-duty sockets square drive
    • The selection of torque wrenches is based on the bolt size, bolt location, bolt projection and the access area available to use the torque wrench
  • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning:
    • Bolt load is applied by stretching the bolt by a hydraulic bolt tensioner and the nut is snagged
    • In a tensioning process, a group of bolts are tensioned in parallel (bolts are grouped based on the number of bolts, space available to fix the bolt tensioner and specification requirements)
  • Manual Bolt Torquing:
    • A pre-measured twisting force is manually applied to the bolt/nut using a hand torque wrench
    • Usually, bolt diameters up to 1” are being tightened with a manual torque wrench, however, this range changes depending on the end user’s specifications.

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