We are a company dedicated to creating the best working conditions for our employees, delivering excellence to our customers, and taking responsibility for our environment and communities.

We achieve this through an excessive focus on Quality, Health, Safety & Environment. Our well-trained team, strict policies and high-quality standards ensure that we provide our region with one-of-a-kind products and services in a way that is safe and sustainable, to the benefit of our community and stakeholders. 

Our Commitment to Health & Safety

The safety of our team is our uncompromising priority throughout all of our operations. Our ultimate goal is to create a completely incident-free environment, which is why we empower our staff with programmes, protocols, training, operational management support systems and other methods that enable them to manage their work safely and successfully.

To ensure our team’s health & safety, we invest in:

  • Risk-Management – Identifying hazards and reducing the number of incidents
  • Employee Safety Training – Ensuring our staff is protected while working
  • State-Of-The Art Equipment – Investing in the safest, most up-to-date machinery
  • Security Policies & Protocols – Creating safety protocols & ensuring they are abided by
Through these measures, we have achieved:
  • HSE PERFECTION – We have successfully minimized incidents & built a strong safety culture
  • HAND INJURY PREVENTION – We achieved a staggering reduction in hand & finger injuries

Unparalleled Quality

As a company who strives to be a regional leader in the oilfield services, we understand that the customer comes first. We are abiding by the highest international quality standards, and have the utmost respect for our clients’ needs, budget and deadlines to provide them with the right solutions. By investing in staff training and specialization we fostered a team of experts who work with industry-leading operational systems, which enables them to complete projects safely at maximum efficiency. We measure the quality of our services and ensure our performance is always improving.

This year we boast of:

+ Reduced LTIR
+ Decreased TRID
Total NPT
62720+ Million
Man-hours Delivered
83.40% LTI

Environment & Sustainability

We believe in protecting the environment for ourselves, our community, and future generations.

We achieve this goal by investing in environmentally-friendly equipment and staff training to ensure that all of our services are provided through safe and sustainable means.

By using MegaMacs for our Tank, Pond & Reservoir Desludging & Cleaning Services we vastly reduce environmental impact. We also conduct environmental programmes which educate and encourage our employees to be proactive in managing waste as well as water, land and energy resources and provide them with the right solutions that meet our sustainability goals. We continuously evaluate our methods and follow the most up-to-date international trends to improve our operations and make them even more environmentally-friendly.

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