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We believe that safe, seamless access to energy is the key to progress and so we use our expertise to empower our clients to operate in the most efficient ways, tailored to their specific needs.

Al Maqasid Supply & Services is committed to providing our clients with world-class services and products, which is why we built strong relationships with some of the finest global manufacturers.

Al Maqasid is among the leading industrial and technical service providers to oil & gas industries in the Middle East.

At Al Maqasid, we provide unrivalled engineering support and services to our clients, using our expertise to maximize their efficiency.

Advantages of MegaMacs

MegaMACS is an in situ solution, allowing for the processes of tank cleaning and waste processing to be done by one machine.

The MegaMacs system is a mobile, energy independent solution that is easily adaptable for local conditions and variety of projects related to cleaning tanks, pits, etc. The system is modular and can meet any customer’s requirements

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